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With 21 % employed in industry, compared to 16 % in Champagne-Ardenne and 13% in France as a whole, the Ardennes can be considered as an industrial territory.

Primary center in France for forging, stamping and foundry processes. Ardennes industry is present in the automotive, rail, and aeronautic markets. It is also active in the luxury, agri-food, wood, electronics and plastics processing sectors.

Ardennes industry is also a major exporter of goods. For more than 10 years, its exports have exceeded its imports. With an export to import ratio of 155 %, in 2013 it had the highest ratio of all the departments in the Region.

These results reflect the performance and dynamism of the companies that constitute Ardennes industry.

This industrial strength and business acumen deserves to be better known. The SFIA aims to ensure this happens.

Destined primarily for professionals and in particular to purchasers in search of suppliers or subcontractors, this directory includes 342 industrial companies with 5 or more employees in the Ardennes. For each entry it gives its detailed activities, sales market information, customer references and basic equipment inventory.

The SFIA can be consulted online at www.cci.sfia.fr where this information is continually kept up to date.

Take advantage of great business opportunities with companies in the Ardennes !

President of the CCI of the Ardennes
Géraud SPIRE



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